with Mari Scott

August 20th at 5pm

Online, free and exclusive for women

Learn 3 simple techniques to defend yourself in risky situations, regardless of your age, stature or fitness

What will you learn in the Power Class?

Phase #1

Specific warmup based in some of the most important movements of self-defense

Phase #2

How to identify the main signs of real risk in different situations.

Phase #3

3 techniques to defend yourself in case of attack, aggression or abuse.

Who will teach you how to defend yourself?

Hello! I am Mariana Scott Azevedo, a Brazilian who has been living in the United States for the last 6 years.

I am a Yoga instructor, a Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, a former model and a specialist in Female Self-Defense, but above all, I am a mother, a wife, a professional and a woman full of challenges, just like you.

Self-defense brought me power and I want to share this power with you so you never feel weak or helpless again.

You can BE and DO so much more!